vijay goel

Only God can save people governed by AAP: Goel

Only God can save the people who are being governed by an Aam Aadmi Party-led administration, Union Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs Vijay Goel said on Monday, asking Goans not to vote for the Kejriwal-led party.

“I’m from Delhi and there has been no development there. They believe in confrontation which does not benefit anyone. People from Goa should understand and come see what they have done in Delhi… only God can save people from such an administration,” Goel said on the sidelines of an event organised to unveil the BRICS Under-17 football tournament logo.

The AAP has been campaigning for the state legislative assembly elections in the states of Punjab and Goa coming up early next year.

“The experience of the AAP in Delhi, before voting for them, after voting and now has not been good. I feel that they have been unsuccessful in delivering the promises for which Delhi opted for them,” said Goel, who hails from New Delhi and has been elected to the Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan.


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