vijay goel

AAP leaders acting like Pakistan agents: Vijay Goel


Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders are acting like Pakistani agents, Sports Minister Vijay Goel said on Wednesday, adding that party leaders were defaming the Indian Army.

“They are defaming the army. They are questioning the army despite the briefing by the DGMO. They are just speaking the language of Pakistan. They are acting as agents of Pakistan. They should not drag army in all this,” Goel said on the sidelines of a BRICS sports event near the state capital.

“For some days now, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been trying to fool the people of Goa. They think that they can say anything and people will not understand. Truth is initially, he praised the prime minister and then raised questions about the strikes. Their blood boils at the popularity of Modi,” Goel said.

“They want to play politics in Punjab, therefore they can run down anyone. They are not demanding evidence from the prime minister but from the army,” he said.

“There has never been politics involving the army. This is the first time that a political party is doing it. They first tried to defame the prime minister… In reality, they are defaming India,” he added.


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