vijay goel

Vijay Goel Wants To Make Sports A Compulsory Subject In Schools


Union Sports Minister Vijay Goel on October 25 batted for sports and said it should be included in the school curriculum and made into a compulsory subject at the school level.

Goel said that this would help impart the desired importance to sports and would also help in taking effective steps towards promoting it.

Goel spoke about this while addressing the 64th meeting of the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) and  said it was “essential” to take this step so as to deal with the growing incidence of diabetes and other non-communicable diseases among children.

He also said that students should also be given “marks” for their involvement in sports activities so as to promote it.

Goel emphasised that this needs to be implemented without any delay as he believes this would also help India realise the full potential of sports.

He said that every educational institution should have access to a playfield, and other basic sports facilities. As for institutions which do not have these, they should tie up with neighbouring institutions to be able to use their facility.

He wants every school to engage a physical – education teacher and the schools to set up a standard guideline which should be followed at the time of admission under sports quota, relaxation to sportspersons from attendance and for appearances in examinations.


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