vijay goel

Union Minister for Sports urges proper sports education in schools

In a bid to make sports more important among the students, Union Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs Vijay Goel had advocated to make sports a compulsory subject in schools.

Furthering its strive for making sports an integral part of education, the incumbent minister of vouched for proper exams for sports throng marking system in order to encourage students involvement.

Why sports? Here’s what the minister pointed out:

  • The minister who was recently lambasted by the angry netizens for his oblivious attitude towards the world kabaddi champion had also emphasised on the increasing diabetes condition and non-communicable diseases amongst the children at the the 64th meeting of the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE)
  • “For realising the full potential of sports, it is essential that we take effective steps to promote it in educational institutions without any further delay,” said Goel
  • He further reiterated “every educational institution should have access to a playfield and basic sports facilities. Such institutions which do not have these facilities should tie up with neighbouring institutions”
  • While urging for standard guideline for the admission of students under sports quota, the incumbent minister pointed out that a regular physical teacher should be provided by the schools
  • The Union Minister also vouched for relaxation to sportspersons from attendance and appearance in examinations.

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