vijay goel

Vijay Goel confirms that resolution to transfer sports to Concurrent List has been passed


In a significant but tricky move, sports minister Vijay Goel on Thursday said that a resolution has been passed to transfer sports from the State List of the Indian Constitution to the Concurrent List in a meeting of the National Sports Federations called by the government at New Delhi.

Goel said that NSFs have agreed to make an effort to bring sports in the Concurrent List from the State List, though he said it will have to consult the state governments before taking up the issue.

“This is the second meeting the ministry with the National Federations. We earlier had a meeting with some NSFs and in this second meeting today more than 20 NSFs took part. All of them wanted sports to be included in the Concurrent List of the Constitution instead of this item being included in the State List currently.

“So, we took an important decision today and a resolution was passed by the NSFs present today that sports should be included in the Concurrent List,” Goel told reporters after the meeting.

“It is a process and we have to consult the state governments and their sports ministers. After that we will go ahead and hopefully, sports will be in the Concurrent List. That will allow both the Central and state governments work together for the betterment of sports in the country,” Goel added.


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