All about this ‘New Swachhta Abhiyaan’ initiated by Sports Minister Vijay Goel


After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s successfully launched Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, a mission to clean India’s cities and villages, now his ministry of youth affairs and sports has started a new mission, entitled “New Swachhta Abhiyaan” to create awareness among the people, especially youths about the recent initiative taken by Shri Modi to curb black money and terror funding.

Joined by hundreds of youth and people from all walks of life, Union Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports, Vijay Goel took to the streets to support PM’s move to free the nation from corruption and malpractice.

Goel along with the children and other participants vowed together at Rajghat on Friday to cooperate in Modi’s recent surgical strike against black money.

While interacting with the news portal India Samvad, Goel said, “Any bold move aimed to keep the nation clean and corruption free causes trouble to those who work with disguised notions, but PM’s decision will strengthen our economy and help to tackle the menace of terror funding and counterfeit currency.”

He reiterated that the response has been phenomenal and people have hailed the historic step taken by the government. “Those living life honestly are happy with this decision”, he added.

Goel also requested people to help the weak and the needy and even those who have a lack of proper understanding in getting the money exchanged from the banks. He instructed the young volunteers to make small groups and organise camps to help the needy sections to make them aware of the entire process.


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